Have you ever wondered what your daycare fees cover?

Precious Angels Daycare explains what their fees cover.

At my daycare, you pay per “position” which means that the slot is held just for your child and is not based on attendance. What does this include?

  • Unconditional love and nurturing of your child – priceless

  • Dependability

  • Family environment: small ratio of adult per child, family atmosphere

  • Craft supplies: crayons, tape, glue, scissors, markers, paper, pipe cleaners, foamies, etc.

  • Nutritious meals and snacks according to the Child Care Food Program (and you know the price of groceries nowadays)

  • Treats: things that might not be included;  Lunch at McDonald’s, pizza, candy, a visit to our local bakery

  • Toys, games, puzzles, books, computer pre-school programs, chalkboards, movies,sandbox & sand, tricycles, strollers, cribs, bedding, children-sized plates, bowls & cups

  • Training for provider: CPR Recertification, Child Care Conferences, nutrition classes,daycare safety, abuse training, etc.

  • Birthday and Christmas gifts: each child has their own birthday party and we have a Christmas party. We even have other parties to celebrate a theme, or a party for no reason.

  • An extra dishwasher load for daily sanitation of toys put in mouths of babes

  • Utilities: electricity, heat, water, garbage, gas, telephone

  • Car: Gas and wear and tear from grocery & supply shopping, library runs, visits to the video store.

  • Furniture: wear and tear, cleaning, replacing, repairing rips or tear

  • Cleaning supplies: for mopping the floor, doing dishes, vacuum bags and disinfectant cleaners
    And the list goes on…

Some asked if I have a family discount if you enroll more than one child. While I understand parent’s financial concerns – and I do – having had 2 children in daycare myself, you have to remember, I am a business and have to depend on a certain income, just like you. When the children come from the same family, it doesn’t mean there is any less work involved.  I have the same expenses every day, and I don’t receive a discount. Likewise, I can’t make a living if you subtract from your payment each day your child is
absent (think snow days, spring break, illness, grandma comes to visit, etc.)  Therefore, my policy of paying to hold the “position” for the child instead of being based on attendance.

I hope I have explained my philosophy that you cannot put too high a price on the well  being of your child and the dependability of your childcare provider.

Isn’t it worth the cost?

submitted by Precious Angels Daycare

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