Laundry Learning


Oh Dear…laundry is one of the most wonderful home learning experiences for children. Consider the possibilities of this brief introduction to Laundry Learning!


SEE–Colors, shapes, sizes etc. Use your vision to set up all the rest of the experiences below.

SMELL–What does the laundry smell like? Do different types of laundry smell different? First smell and then rub with you finger, now what does it smell like? Why?

TOUCH–There are allot of textures to compare!

TASTE–Oo yuck…do we eat laundry? Well maybe if we are goats! What do you think a sock would taste like. Would it be sour, sweet or something else?

LISTEN–What kind of sound does a sock make? What about if you hit the sock on the floor, or on a chair? Does the sound change? What about if you roll it into a ball, hide it in your hand tightly; will it scream for help? Throw it up in the air and listen to what sound it makes as it moves through the air and when it hits the ground: wow! Try this experiment with something else!

Ok, now we can move onto…

You are folding, manipulating lining things up (etc.) think of all those wonderful fine-motor skills that are being used!

Count socks, compare shapes, sizes, colors. Experiment with words and sounds of the letters as you talk about each item etc…..

Sock-sock-who has my sock?
Ring around the towel.
Remember that game that you play with the expensive parachute? Well, just pull out that bed sheet and let the fun begin. Put a sock in the middle (or more) and play toss the sock up!

Just change the lyrics of your favorite song and away you go! The possibilities are endless!

Have the children draw some stick people and supply them with paper or cloth cut-outs of clothes so they can dress their stick people so they don’t get cold w/o their clothes on! Brrrrr.

You can even extend the Sensory Laundry Explorations to compare with other items in the room!

Doing laundry can be a great opener to seeking out children’s interests for upcoming themes or activities. You are not just doing laundry any more!

There is, of course, certain laundry that lends better to home education and that is:
1.Towels, cloths etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Go Girls Go!

smiles n’ fun…always!