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I tried to pay my taxes with a smile, but they wrote me back saying they want cash.
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I tried to pay my taxes with a smile, but they wrote me back saying they want cash.
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Latest Kids Activity
Here is a fun Mothers Day or Fathers Day gift idea that even a toddler make for mum or dad.
10.05.2016 · From admin
Simple snowman to improve children's fine motor and hand eye co-ordintation.
24.11.2015 · From admin
Great memory game that can be played in a group or one on one.
01.12.2015 · From admin
Teach Your Daycare Children Their Colours With These Printable Flash Cards (red, orange, green, yellow,blue, purple, pink, black brown, white, silver)
09.01.2016 · From admin
Painting eggs is an excellent Easter craft for toddlers.
18.03.2016 · From admin
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Here are some ways to try and ease some of the guilt you may experience as a working parent.
Parents  Other
17.11.2010 · From someone
A list of menu planning ideas
07.12.2015 · From someone
Plan to interview more than one caregiver. Here are some tips you might use in your interview:
10.11.2015 · From someone
As a working parent probably one of the most difficult and emotionally challenging decision that you will ever have to make is choosing a daycare for your child.
11.11.2005 · From someone
Have you ever wondered what your daycare fees cover? Precious Angels Daycare explains what their fees cover.
10.11.2015 · From someone
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A Support Group for daycare providers in the Calgary Area. Network with other Home Daycare Providers. Organize local outings, craft or story times. Share photos, videos or just chat with other local providers. 
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Calgary, Canada
01.05.2016 · From admin
A group for new members to hang out in and meet other parents. Important dates and information pertaining to the site will be posted here.
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06.01.2016 · From admin
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Scheduled Maintenance will be happening March 26 2016.
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My Grandma Sugar Cookie Recipe. 
Cuisine: American
19.01.2016 · From admin
An all time British classic.
Cuisine: British/Irish
24.11.2015 · From TykesNTots
Bring a taste of Italy to your Daycare with this delicious yet so simple fresh homemade pasta recipe.
Cuisine: Italian
25.11.2015 · From TykesNTots
A delicious mix of hash browns, sausage, egg.
Cuisine: American
15.12.2015 · From admin
A healthy snack idea
Cuisine: American
15.12.2015 · From admin
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